Face Time

Every team needs face time.  As we look with expectancy of God’s bigness with a Father’s Day weekend launch, it is a good time to just know each other a little better.  This Saturday at 6:30 to 8:00pm, we’re hosting a time to share.

It will be a time to share a little about yourself and your dreams and listen to others about their story.

I want you to be there.

Nothing formal.  You can come and just listen if you want.
We are less than 30 days from a pressing launch into the community with website, direct mail, radio, facebook and your face to face.
At some point we take the challenge of the love of the gospel and shout to the community, “Here we are…You are welcome.”  This is it.

God has a plan for Gainesville.

You are important to that plan.
Please confirm yea or nay, so we know how much coffee (tea, drinks) and how many donuts to buy.  And let us know kids and ages you might bring with you.  We’ll have helpers for the little ones.

You are loved.

Pastor Phil  405.388.8037

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