Street News – On A Mission

The commission of Christ urges us to take His love to the streets of our community.  This past week in Marietta, Steven and Jackson joined me in praying for individuals and families in Marietta.  Ava and Sonja interceded at the campus while the three of us went door to door.

The plan is simple.  We meet people, tell them about opening the new congregation and offer to pray for them.

Two incidents among many come to mind.

One Hispanic couple opened and asked for prayer for their marital relationship.  It was a moving and powerful moment in the driveway as worked to communicate clearly. They were trimming their yard and stopped to visit with us.  The emotion of the moment brought heaves of emotion to both the couple and to us as we prayed for them.  The Holy Spirit was strong in the street.

At another home, a man broke as he told how his son had committed suicide three years earlier leaving a wif e and grandchildren in distress.  It was more than a suicide preceded by years of pain from an accident, loss of job, and confusion.  The kids have not talked about it, yet.  We prayed for this faithful grandfather, the mother, and the children as he reaches his grandchildren. The next day was followed by many visits to local businesses in Marietta and some special prayer moments along the path.

Please pray with us for a move of the Holy Spirit to create faith, hope, and love in the hearts of many.

People are open for a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit through proclamation of the good news of Jesus, the Christ.

Pray for your involvement in walking alongside.

We don’t “go” on missions.  We are “on a mission” of faith, hope, and love in Jesus.


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