The Tricky Part is Timing

There is nothing that can resist the power of an idea, whose time has come. Get the idea and the timing in sync and POW!
One of my mentors says it this way, “Nothing, nothing, nothing, POW!”
Incremental and intentional steps develop momentum that moves mountains.

Since locating to Gainesville, it is my firm opinion there is a need for an innovative, dynamic, and enterprising church. Radical. Idealistic. Founded on thousands of years of considered and revealed truth focused on today with a tenacious grasp of wisdom and well being, a prosperity of mind, heart, body, soul, relationships, and economic health and stability. That place where all cultures mix and intersect and develop mind share. That place where we all discover truth and apply it to life in practical moments. Live a Biblically sound, currently practical and authentic faith.

Que problema es (the problem is), the critical mass has not been present of the right number of people with the right heart. Those interested were much more interested in leaving Gainesville to find leadership, opportunity and social connection. Even those that live here look elsewhere. The angst of an area depressed over itself and lacking a defined hope for a self-fulfilled future is lifting. That is changing. That is a good change.

Otra problema es (another problem is), the church as a whole has been insensitive, stodgy, and disconnected from the deep issues of life this generation faces. The answers have been here all along. The delivery vehicle is antiquated. Some have reached back to 90’s mode flashing lights and entertainment and applied a name and face change to the same stuff. That is good for a season, but the face falls off eventually and real change is exchanged for religion with a new face.

Really, this is a day to strip back and get to original intent and engagement. The Christian church was established in the streets, market places, and homes of the community. Face up discussion and a faith that moved mountains interrupted life as usual and demanded attention from the community. That is progressive. That is radical. That is right.

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