Thoughts and Musings for Hope Connection July 2017


When Christians Fail

A recent flop in Christianity disturbs me. It should disturb you

A university, under legal pressure, decided to remove ChriStian religious symbols of the cross and Bibles from a campus historic chapel.  That does not disturb me.  

What disturbs me is that the Christian presence is weak enough to be questioned.  No one complained about Bible studies, just dusty books.  No one complained about mass conversions through revival, in fact they use the chapel for many non-Christian meetings. 

Pray for Christ’ life to be so evident on campus that the chapel is a moot point.

The failure of Christians to present a viable, soul winning action plan that puts living Bibles (believers) in and around the building is the angst.  The lack of dedicated servants that will take up their cross and follow Christ as living examples is the pain.

Pray for the congregation you attend and serve to be a challenging presence of Christ in community.  If you don’t attend and serve regularly, then join us at Hope.

This morning a friend called to report a young man came to a Bible study we host on campus at Hope Connection Christian Community Center. He struggles with drugs. He dropped in and received compassion, prayer, and Bible study. May our campus be open every day that anyone can find Christ. We are open on the internet 24/7 and constantly reaching with the gospel of Christ.  Some 2500 video presentations were seen in the last four weeks. 

I pray for you to be effective as a member of Christian community.  These are not days to travel alone.