Family Restoration


I want to welcome you Phil Larsonto the family at Hope Church.  As the Senior Pastor, I pray over all members on a regular basis.  The more I know about you the better I can fulfill my ministry as pastor in helping you grow and be cared for.  Thank you for trusting the family at Hope to become your family.

My commitment to you is to:

Give an example of excellence in all I do.

Respect and accept every person who joins our family.

Provide teaching and training to develop your personal relationship with God and others in the body and your personal family.

Pray continually.

Be faithful to our association with the Heartland Conference.

Be a Christian disciple in my personal life in witnessing, tithing, worship, prayer, bible study, fellowship, and serving.

Maintain the balance of fellowship, friendship, family, and faith.

So I can serve you better, please fill out this short information and submit.  It will email directly to me.  Oh, and if you have a personal picture (maybe one you use on facebook) that I can add to my files so I can see your face when I pray, would you email it to  That would be a blessing to me.


While you are learning, I challenge you to restore vision for your family.  These short lessons will challenge you and give you fresh vision.

Forming Your Vision

Family Vision: Be Accepted

Family Vision: Be Forgiven

Family Vision: Live in God’s Pleasure

Family Vision: Inherit God’s Intent

Family Vision: Live for Generations

Family Vision: Meant To Be A Nation

Problems in Family

Family Vision: The Picky Trap

Family Vision: The Comparison Trap

Family Vision: The Hopeless Trap

Fixing Your Family

Family Vision: A Thankful Spirit

Family Vision: An Accepting Atmosphere

Family Vision: A Fresh Vision