We don’t do ‘chuch’ at Hope. We do life.

Hope C is all about wisdom and well being for living. Wise choices are informed and educated choices. In the wisdom of discovered truth, we establish well being in family, friendships, fellowship, faith, and finances. Spirit, soul, mind, emotions, relationships and body work together for a better life forward.

Soon, we will add a power packed once a month Sunday morning downtown at a second site along with a FaceBook / Youtube supported sermon each week at the same time.  We want you connected on your time.

Pastor Glenn “Chap” will be doing a Tuesday and Thursday bible study so you can keep engaged.

That means Sunday twice, Monday, Tuesday twice, Wednesday, Thursday, you can pick and choose.  Friday and Saturday, I think we rest the campus, but every day there is a Devotion on The Morning Moment Facebook or get it by text (eme phil@hclive.org).

Sleep-In-Sundays: Enjoy your family times and join us at 6:30pm for some kickback and casual study with adults, kids, and teens receiving each at their level after our families worship as one.
Worship Wednesdays: at 6:30pm come and relax in cafe in worship prayer. Get connected with God and each other. A safe haven and quiet time.
Pioneer Club for Kids and Tracker Camp for teens and adults Sundays at 6:30pm men meet to work on wisdom and well being for life. Beat those things that try to hurt you like anger, hurt, pain, loss, grief, addiction, just stuff. Build a better life with wisdom and welling in spirit, mind, emotions, relationships, finances, and health.
Life Skills : Ongoing.  Next 90 day workshop starts on Monday nights in Aug
Parenting: Ongoing. Next 90 day workshop starts on Tuesday nights in Aug.
Couples Communication: Keep in touch. Watch events for the next workshop.

Be LIFTED-LOVED-LINKED. At Hope Connection we are striving to become the kind of church described in the Bible —a church with relevant teaching, heart-felt worship, honest friendships, constant prayer, and compassionate care for those in need.

We are a place for YOU to connect in friendship with God and others.

3404 N Grand Ave in Gainesville

Contact Pastor Phil in his study 405.388.8037 or phil@hclive.org

Fellowship – Friendship – Family – Faith

Special groups meet Monday evening for Life Skills and Parenting, Saturdays sometimes Movie Nights, …

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