Vision For Family – Bite Sized Solutions

Greet greatness in your family and faith with these 12 bite sized solution segments. Each is only 2 or 3 minutes.  Watch one at supper time with your family as part of your family prayer over the next two weeks.  Talk about it in your home.  Let God build something new.

1-6 Explain God’sVision For You andYour Family

7-9 Explain 3 Traps Can Rob You

10-12 Explain 3 Tips To Hold and Help Realize Family Vision

These truths are foundational for family.  Grab them. Hold them.  Tamp them into your heart.

Vision For Family

#1 Be Accepted. https://youtu.be/ad56AFc4dFg

#2 Be Forgiven https://youtu.be/CB1x3QCirxc

#3 Live in God’s Pleasure https://youtu.be/B4Bjx0BN6u0

#4 Inherit God’s Intent https://youtu.be/8ChVQphk5aI

#5 Live For Generations https://youtu.be/qpuavtlrG6s

#6 Meant To Be A Nation https://youtu.be/bkcLx9eXsko

Vision For Family – 3 Traps

#7 The Picky Trap – La Trampa Melindrosa https://youtu.be/xTZCj2yXdDA

#8 The Comparison Trap – La Trampa de la Comparacion https://youtu.be/EnP8Gm3Zj5Q

#9 The Hopeless Trap – La Trampa Sin Esperanza https://youtu.be/m4Tv_VKheGY

Vision For Family – 3 Tips To Grasp and Gain

#10 A Thankful Spirit – Un Espíritu Agradecido https://youtu.be/O7ls_BbmoYU

#11 An Accepting Atmosphere – Una Atmósfera de Aceptación https://youtu.be/jFJ5PbtPZ2k

#12 A Fresh Vision -Una Visión Fresca  https://youtu.be/6UJ8qm-AT7o

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